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ATSS: Looking Back on 2010

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As we make our way through spring, ATSS is not only looking ahead to 2011 and beyond, we wanted to take a few moments to remind our members of what we accomplished last year.

Here’s a list of some of the more significant accomplishments made by the Board and the organization in 2010:

  • Revised membership application form and description.
  • Reviewed and adjusted team membership rates.
  • Reviewed certification fees – recommended the following changes effective February 2011: Add student and senior rate and offered longer term.
  • Successfully developed and offered International Trauma Conference and generated a modest profit.
  • Started review of website with objective to rebuild the entire site. Started costing process.
  • Made significant changes to existing website.
  • Started review of membership database.
  • Started review of certification database.
  • Reviewed and endorsed six trainings.
  • Updated board portion of website. Added board member bios and email addresses.
  • Conducted review and started reprint of existing bylaw manual.
  • Reviewed and amended sponsor recognition around certifications.
  • Updated ATSS logo.
  • Added two additional board members and filled vacant Secretary (Linda Hood) and Treasurer (Christine Dernederlanden) positions.
  • Identified dormant committees and added one new one (Fundraising and Promotion).
  • Developed ATSS blog.
  • Sent ten blast emails.
  • Published four (January, March, May and July) editions of Trauma Lines.
  • Renewed management agreement with MHANJ.
  • Revised ATSS letterhead.
  • Updated online membership application form.
  • Updated online certification application form.
  • Added an additional ATSS regional meeting in NJ/NY.
  • Repatriated the Carol Hacker Award lantern.
  • Started planning for the strategic planning meeting in 2011.
  • Started to develop policy to deal with former members misusing certifications and membership references on resumes, websites, letterhead and promotional materials.
  • Our contracted Office Administrator, Lauren DePoto, took advantage of a career opportunity and moved on with our thanks and gratitude for a job well done. We welcomed Annie James as our new Office Administrator.
  • Developed member resource directory application form.
  • Established a working relationship with PTSD Anonymous, Tacoma, Washington.
  • Updated sponsor contact information while recruiting new sponsors.
  • ATSS Facebook page and Twitter Account
  • Added MA State Disaster Behavioral Health Network to our list of collaborators.

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