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Combat Trauma Innovation 2011

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“Combat Trauma Innovation 2011” is a massive military medical conference taking place in London for two days in late January.

“Why should I care about a medical conference taking place in the UK,” you may be asking.

Hopefully this answers that question: Innovation 2011 is a gathering of medical and military professionals from around the world, including the U.S. and Canada. According to Medical News Today, “The [conference’s] world class agenda challenges existing procedure and promotes the very latest techniques and technology being employed on the battlefields of Afghanistan.”

I think this excerpt from Innovation’s “about the event” page sums up just how import a global gathering like this is for the trauma care and trauma responds fields:

After a decade of fighting in some of the most inhospitable terrains known to man, are trauma care capabilities able to keep up?

The last 10 years of overseas operations have seen an enormous increase in injuries from traditional and non-traditional means.  Whether it be a penetration injury or Traumatic Blast injury caused from an IED strike, it is essential that all healthcare professionals keep up to date with the latest techniques, procedures and equipment available to treat our wounded warriors.

Just last week we wrote about research being done in the area of PTSD prevention. Scientists at Northwestern University conducted studies with mice in which they exposed the animals to intensely stressful situations, and then treated them with two chemicals. While trauma experts all agreed that the results were encouraging, developing a pill that could prevent PTSD is still a long way off.

While we’re not expecting something like a PTSD pill to be introduced at Innovation 2011, the discussions that will ensue between professionals, the new products and treatment methods that will be introduced, the world-wide show of support for active military personnel that will all result from this medical conference will bring nothing but renewed growth and vigor to fight against traumatic incidence.


Written by traumalines

January 10, 2011 at 9:51 pm

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