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A Review of our Most-Recent Posts

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Every once in a while we like to give readers a chance to get caught up in case anyone has missed any of our most-recent posts:

HBO’s ‘Wartorn’: The invisible wounds of war“:

If you haven’t already, I have to recommend that you watch HBO’s documentary, “Wartorn.” This unprecedented view into the world of PTSD is both riveting and incredibly emotional.

In a sense, our soldiers today are lucky. I bet you may never have heard anyone say that before. But if you think about it, while the gruesome realities our soldiers have been exposed to essentially haven’t changed with each new war or conflict they have faced over the years, the recognition and treatment of PTSD — although still not perfect — has evolved tremendously throughout the decades:

Doctors in the Civil War called it “hysteria.”

Medics in WWI referred to it as “shell shock.”

During WWII it was known as “combat fatigue”…

Exploring the Masks We Wear“:

I want to invite anyone who presented at ATSS’ 2010 conference to share the nature of your presentation with our readers. I know from talking with several of this year’s attendees, that because there were so many presentations to choose from, there were several other presentations they wish they could have attended if schedules permitted.

Jennifer Wortham has agreed to be the first presenter to share. Jennifer’s presentation was titled “Exploring the Masks We Wear: Paths to Joy and Self-Empowerment.”

In her own words, Jennifer explains exactly what her presentation was about:

I was delighted to facilitate an interactive process-oriented mask workshop at the 2010 ATSS conference Safely in Our Hands: Helping Our Helpers Stay Healthy. The workshop’s theme echoed the theme of the conference by exploring creative expression as a method of self-care. A slide show of masks from different cultures and the purposes they served was shown to stimulate participants’ interest and imagination. A Burkina Faso initiation mask, a Seneca corn husk mask and a Beijing opera mask were among the 21 we reviewed…

Male Abuse Awareness Week 2010:

One of the first questions you might be asking is “Why hold an abuse awareness week, let alone a male abuse awareness week, so close to the holidays?” The unfortunate truth is, a lot of abuse occurs around the holidays, so the timing is rather perfect.

Both men and boys suffer from abuse, whether it is sexual, physical, emotional or mental, and their abuse is real and far too commonplace. is a website that’s dedicated to educating visitors on male abuse and also serves to promote Male Abuse Awareness Week 2010…

As you can see, our blog posts are quite diverse, but they all maintain a focus on trauma responders and survivors. Please feel free to suggest your own topics and ideas for blog posts, or even write your own!


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December 14, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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