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UPDATE: 9/11 Responders Finally Get Their Settlement

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All the way back in June we blogged about how many of the 9/11 first-responders and the clean-up crew were locked in a legal battle with the City of New York over a settlement to cover health costs. We learned this week that this ongoing chapter in the lives of many first-responders is now finally closed.

From (06/13/10):

About 10,000 “rescue and cleanup workers” employed by New York City to clean up ground zero after the World Trade Center have been stricken with a variety of serious illnesses.

A settlement was reached back in March but was later rejected by a federal judge. In addition to the physical and mental constraints, the workers have also had to pay expensive legal fees:

The workers sued the city and its contractors six years ago over respiratory illnesses and other injuries they say they suffered at the World Trade Center site in the 9/11 rescue and cleanup effort, arguing that they were not given protective equipment or adequate supervision.

It’s nearly six months later, but the first-responders and the clean-up crew have finally settled with the city. From the Washington Post:

More than 10,000 workers exposed to the tons of toxic dust that blanketed ground zero after the World Trade Center fell have ended their bruising legal fight with New York City and joined a settlement worth at least $625 million, officials said Friday.

The deal will resolve an overwhelming majority of the lawsuits over the city’s failure to provide protective equipment to the army of construction workers, police officers and firefighters who spent months clearing and sifting rubble after Sept. 11.

“This settlement is a fair and just resolution of these claims, protecting those who came to the aid of this City when we needed it most,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement.


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November 22, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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