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An Interview With Our President

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The president of ATSS that is…

Before our conference earlier this month, I had a chance to ask ATSS President Kent Laidlaw a few questions about the upcoming conference and the future direction of the organization.

If there’s one message, one image that ATSS wants to project to the world, what is it?

That we are a reputable presence in the world of trauma that provides a highly-respected choice of professional certifications to those who work in the field in so many difference yet important ways.

What’s your number one goal for this year’s conference?

To provide a superb learning experience on interesting topics from a variety of diverse and well-qualified presenters in a safe, respectful and fun environment.

What are you looking forward to the most about the 2010 conference?

The opportunity to meet so many new participants and renew acquaintances with many of our previous participants. Learn a lot of new information, develop new tools and have fun.

In what areas does ATSS need to improve?

In developing an awareness from others in the trauma field that we exist and the quality of our certifications. We also need to develop more collaborative relationships with other like-minded, reputable organizations. We need to change how we have traditionally operated …

What is ATSS’ greatest strength?

The quality of our members, the generosity of time and talent from our volunteer board combined with the valuable certification opportunities.

Within the next year, how will ATSS change?

We will be much more proactive. We will be more visible. We will narrow our focus and do more of what we do well and not try to be all things to all people. We will expand our Board of Directors while being as open and transparent as we can. We need a much stronger commitment from our membership and will have higher expectations from our membership base in terms of contributing to our future development. We must at the same time provide a committed and dynamic leadership model from our Board.

Conference attendees — tell us your reactions to ATSS’ 2010 conference; did we meet the goals our president laid out for us?

ATSS members — we’d love to hear your answers to the same questions asked to Kent. Leave us a comment below.


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October 19, 2010 at 8:46 pm

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