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Get Your Teenage Driver to Use Their Brain

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Sometimes a job can change your life. Perhaps you meet some great people, establish some lasting friendships, or get really involved and committed to the cause you’re working towards. I found all of those things at my first job out of college working for the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey.

Beyond the many services BIANJ offers, they manage a website called “UgotBrains.” When creating the teen-focused website, BIANJ’s goal was to deliver accurate, graphic, hard-hitting information to get young Americans to start thinking with their heads when they’re behind the wheel.

“Car crashes are the #1 cause of death in teens,” reads the text under one of the many pictures on the homepage. Since the website went live, UgotBrains has tried to educate teens on auto safety in order to prevent the trauma associated with car crashes and traumatic brain injuries.

If you know a teen driver, or if you’re looking to create a teen-focused website of your own, I suggest you check out UgotBrains.


Written by traumalines

June 14, 2010 at 8:49 pm

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